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Start Your User Acquisition Journey.

What is SijakMedia?

SijakMedia is a performance marketing agency, providing user acquisition solutions for Apps & Services. We pride ourselves in our young environment, professionalism and good communication with our customers.

Sijak” means “Start” in Korean, and such as that we aspire to be the first step in the user acquisition strategy of our clients.

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User Acquisition

Grow your user base with engaging users. Daily optimizations to ensure the success of your campaign.


Using outsourced tools and our internal data analyst team, we will help you fight fraud to gain best results.


With access to high LTV users in over 150 countries and over 15 DSPs & RTBs, we will be able to provide you the growth you need for your app or service.


ROAS, Retention rate, in-app events, or any other KPI metrics aren't strangers for us. With our automation and technology we will be able to reach all of these and more.






In-app events

Among our customers, you can find:


"High Quality, one of our best performing agency partners"