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Integration & Onboarding

Smooth integration with Appsflyer, Adjust, Branch, Kochava, and building strategy based on your KPIs.

Optimization & Fraud

Daily optimizations and fraud monitoring to avoid any suspicious user behavior and maximize the campaign results.

Grow and Enjoy

Increasing volumes and growing your campaign, so you can sit back and enjoy the success.
Whitelist sources
Blacklist sources
CR optimization
Targeting capabilities
Fraud monitoring

From identifying the right users to optimizing the performance of your campaign. With our team and technology, you can achieve your KPI and acquisition goals with an ease.

Whitelist your best performing sources, bundle ids, or app names. With the same logic, we can block any low quality or fraud-like apps and sources. In other words, we offer optimizations with no pain, delays, or blind guessing.

We have developed our own strategy against fraud by looking at abnormalities and user behavior. Once we find any existence of unusual behavior, we automatically disable the source, ensuring you won’t spend money on fraudulent traffic.

We’re integrated with major exchanges and hundreds of publishers, which provides support to all markets and access to billions of devices around the globe. With SijakMedia new markets can be unlocked at any time, and it’s never been easier.

One of important metrics we look at is CR; we automatically pause and push sources with low or high CR, depending on your vertical and app. We pride ourselves on guiding you through the journey and helping you figure out what traffic to spend your money on.

Protect your app from the threat of fraud at every level of the conversion flow.

We know that not all fraud can be stopped (16%-20% will always be around), but we still believe measures needs to be taken against it.

With the mixture of outsourced tools, and our team of data analysts – we believe we as close as it gets to deliver clean traffic and real users. So you can rest assured and focus on your growth!

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Install Hijacking

Foretelling signals are short CTIT, referrer mismatch, and more. We will analyze those to identify and block fraud in real-time.

Click Flooding

Signals are long CTIT, low click-to-install CR, and more. We will do deep CTIT analysis to identify and block at the site and site id level.

Device Farms

One of the signs is the high rate of “new devices”, we are automatically blocking device farms (based on our databases) and traffic that concentrate on “new devices”.

Bot Traffic

In order to avoid bot traffic, we identify and block behavioral anomalies based on installs that follow identical or programmatic, and non-human behavioral patterns.

In-app Events Fraud

From CPA to CPS event fraud, we use communication with our client to ensure the events are legitimate, and constantly optimizing based on quality and fraud tools.


Cost per install, with optimizations toward your KPIs and goals. **recommended for new apps in order to achieve higher visibility on the appstore.

Starting $1


Cost per registration, with optimization towards your quality event and goals.

Starting $3


Cost per event, from purchase, to account connect or deposit, we're here to find the users who want to engage and invest in your app.

Starting $5