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How can I become your partner?

If you`re an App Developer / Affiliate / Media Buyer – all you need to do is either send us a direct email to [email protected] or reach out via our “contact us” page.

Do you require pre-payment?

Not at all. We are working on Net-15 or Net-30 payments. We are here to build long-term partnership based on trust, and performance.

How much are your CPMs?

We are performance based marketing agency, which means you pay per events – not per impressions. We work on CPI/CPE models – and how much you’d pay is depends on you. The only thing we ask is that the payout will be competitive for the market.

Are you fully fraud proof?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as fully fraud-proof (10% is the industry benchmark). Fraud keeps developing and becoming smarter. What we can guarantee is that we are doing our best to keep your app safe by daily optimization and fraud monitoring.

Why should I trust SijakMedia?

We believe that trust is earned, not given. We understand why you won’t trust us in the first step, however – we will work as hard as we can to ensure we earn your trust by showing our capabilities, knowledge and proving great results.

Testing doesn’t cost money, talk to us and we can reach an agreement that would be in your favor.

Let’s work Together!